Hello, and welcome to the 2011 BWWC blog! We at The Ohio State University are so happy to be hosting next year’s conference, and are excited to put into practice all of the things we learned this year at Texas A&M University (thanks to Meghan, Liz, and everyone else for making us feel so welcome!). One thing that struck us this year about the conference was its dialogic nature; over and over again, in panels, keynotes, and social activities, participants took every opportunity to discuss both scholarly and conference interests with fellow attendees. It is in this dialogic spirit that we created this blog.

Our intention is to use this blog as a meeting place and conversation-starter (and -continuer!) for all things conference: meeting and talking with other attendees (perhaps in hopes of sharing travel and accommodations, or creating a cohesive panel); meeting and learning about faculty advisers and keynote speakers; reviewing the Call for Papers; and learning about the university and the wonderful city of Columbus, Ohio. And while we do have a dedicated website (http://bwwc2011.osu.edu, currently under construction), we are excited about the interactive nature of this blog, and are confident that this interactivity will allow all of us to begin the conference dialogue prior to March 2011.

Thank you for your interest in the 2011 BWWC. We look forward to hearing from you!

The 2011 BWWC Planning Committee
Meghan L. Burke
Eugenia Gonzalez
Lis Lindeman-Ravert
Kara R. Spaulding