Of interest: new online journal!

Sure to be of interest to many of you involved with the BWWC, The Aphra Behn Society announces its online journal. Aphra Behn Online: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts 1640-1830 is an online annual publication that serves as a forum for interactive scholarly discussion on all aspects of women in arts between 1640 and 1830, especially literature, visual arts, music, performance art, film criticism, and production arts. The journal features peer-reviewed articles encompassing subjects on a global range and is intended for scholars and students. The journal is comprised of four divisions: Scholarship; Pedagogy; New Media Applications/Women on the Web; and Reviews.

While the publication is open-access, it is associated with the Aphra Behn Society and its biannual conference. The journal, hosted by the University of South Florida, will make use of the Digital Humanities to ensure that all visual and auditory aspects of the paper can be easily accessed by the readership. The journal’s first issue will be available in March 2011.

For more information, including the official announcement and CFP, go to http://www.aphrabehn.org/aphraonline/.


If you have news of a scholarly nature that you feel would benefit the BWWC community, please contact Kara Spaulding at bwwc2011@gmail.com.


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